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western, English & Driving Coach

Embark on a journey of equestrian excellence with Renee! Whether you’re drawn to the finesse of Western or the elegance of English riding, and even the thrill of driving, our lessons offer a gateway to a world of horsemanship. Discover the joy of connecting with these majestic animals while honing your skills in a supportive and positive environment. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, Renee’s tailored lessons will take you to new heights. Let’s forge a connection between you and your horse, creating memories and milestones together.

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Lessons on Your horse:
  • Private $60.00

Lessons on a school horse:
  • Private $75.00
  • Semi Private or Group $65.00
Lessons on your own horse at your barn:
  • Private $100.00
Stable management / grooming / tacking up
  • Group lesson $25.00

Coaching at Horse Shows
  • $80.00 per lesson
  • Day Rates Available

Pony Lead Line:
$25.00 – Pony lead line available for small children wishing to ride.

Lead line includes some hands on brushing and a 15 minute ride on a lead line.


  • $5 Sibling*
  • 10% discount if you take 2 or more lessons per week

Please inquire about lesson discounts


riding & training Lessons

Western and English riding lessons are available for ages 5 and up. Renee offer’s a safe and positive environment to develop horsemanship skills and give our riders the skills they need to progress and advance.

We try to assess where the student’s strengths and weaknesses are and build on them. We also assess how each student best learns and incorporate visual, audible and practical practice to aid the learning process and adjust these aids according to the individual’s learning needs. Our great lesson horses are safe, reliable and are not over-worked or over-used so they remain happy and un-soured.

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