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Renee Phillips is fulfilling her life long dream of being a horse trainer and riding instructor, after growing up in the wonderful Nelson B. C. horse community which she began riding and showing in at the age of nine. Over her many years of experience Renee has developed her skills, becoming  a Certified Level Three Riding Instructor. In addition Renee is well seasoned teaching Halter, Western and English disciplines, with a great deal of expertise in the reining discipline.

On her journey to becoming the avid and talented horsewoman she is today, Renee has worked closely with Wayne Latimer, one of the top reining trainers in Alberta. She then had the wonderful opportunity to move to California to work for Craig Schmersal, who continues to be one of the top Reiners in the world. The knowledge Renee gained from these amazing trainers continue to shape her program and have given her skills to pass along to her students in spades!

After returning to Canada from California, Renee was thrilled with another amazing opportunity to work in the cutting horse industry for Gerry Hansma and his wife Sandy, allowing her the perfect circumstances to really dive into all aspects of the competitive cutting industry. From starting two year olds to finished product in the show pen, it was an unmatched education with a pair of fantastic trainers. Traveling with them to shows all over B.C. and Alberta, it genuinely honed Renee’s understanding of the show pen and how to coach both riders and horses to a win!

Renee Phillips took the skills she had earned all the way to Texas, working as an Assistant Trainer to Tom McCutcheon Reining, one of the top reiners in the USA. The McCutcheon’s program gave her even more time to hone her extensive experience training young horses to a polished, show ready finish, as well as adding to her many show traveling miles.

Renee Phillips joined Valhalla Andalusians in 2013 as a Halter/Performance horse trainer, and with the extraordinary horses owned by Dr. Anne Starr, she earned many Nationals titles in 2014. Including (but not limited to!)  Supreme Champion in Halter, with a huge thanks to Warren Mather for help with the unique style of showing Halter Andalusians! Renee continued training Valhalla Andalusians through 2015, and the horses continued to rake in many multi national titles throughout 2015.

Renee’s dedication to learning allowed her to also spend some time working with Marion Weisskopff. Marion has an amazing sense of timing and feel with horses, because of which she  is one of Canada’s most recognized trainers. Marion is a Master Instructor for CHA, and Renee is happy to call her a friend and business partner. She continues to be a wonderful mentor, guide and reliable resource, which Renee is grateful to have.

Also in 2015 was the noteworthy WDAA show, at which Rennee’s  amazing equine partners won multiple Reserve world Titles, a number of top 10 and top 5 winners as well. An absolutely fantastic showing from Renee’s whole team, with a huge thank you to Miss Lillian Evanview-Phelan!

In ​2018 Renee excitedly added Saddle Seat and Driving into the team’s program, and is super excited about this new addition and hopes you will join us in the fun.

2019 brought with it more training opportunities, growing the show string considerably, and representing horses from both Canada and the United States in competitions across North America.

Renee Phillips lives in Nelson, B.C. where she continues to pursue her career coaching, training, continuing education and sharing her passion of horses.


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