Phillips Performance horses offers several services to get you and your horse tuned up and ready for the show ring or the back trails.

Performance Horse Training

From starting colts to tune-ups, you can count on quality training for your horse. Your horse learns in a positive environment with great opportunity to experience everything from arena work to trail riding. We advise owners give their horses a least three months of a good solid foundation. The minimum three month period will allow your horse to build confidence and grow as he adapts through his training period. We offer training for both Western and English disciplines.

Training Ride



– Great for getting your horse tuned up for the show pen

We require a minimum of (2) weeks notice upon arrival and departure of training horses.

Special consideration for a shows or sale preparation.

Halter Training - Harness Preparation

Keuring Conditioning & Prep



Board included – with 3 feedings daily, only top quality hay, grain, mineral and salt and daily pen cleaning.

– Training sessions 5/6 days per week

– Includes 1 laser treatment per week (Cost $100 per session)

– Specialty Grain supplied by owner

Additional Charges for training will include:

  • All training horses are required to participate in our Immunization Program which includes regular deworming and vaccinations. Customers will be billed directly by Phillips Performance Horses
  • Blanket and sheet washing and repairs can be arranged if needed.
  • Minor medications such as bute, antibiotics etc. to be billed at cost when not given by the vet.
  • Lessons with a horse/s in training additional to the above. Lessons can be arranged directly with Renee Phillips.

My goal is to have well broke, well adjusted horse who is easy and a joy to ride. The horse’s well being is always my priority, I like to train at the horses’s pace, bringing them along at a rate they can physically and mentally handle. I often find that doing so results in a horse that learns more quickly and are very happy with their jobs as they are not too pressured or stressed past what they can handle.

Sale of horses:

  • Horses sold by or purchased through Phillips Performance Horses will be Charged a 15% commission fee
  • All expenses involved in the purchase and/or sale of a horse to be paid by owner including : Traveling, Accommodations, & Eating Expenses

Equine Body Clipping

Bib Clip…………………$30
Irish Clip……………………. $50
Trace Clip………………….. $70
Blanket Clip…………………$85
Hunter Clip………………… .$100
Full Body Clip……………… $150
Show Clip………………..$250

*Barns more than 15kms from (my house) will be subject to a small travel fee dependent on mileage. Travel fee will be waived if there are 3 or more horses.

*Horses must be clean and dry before clipping. If the horse is too dirty to clip (or if you prefer to have us bathe or groom the horse) there will be an additional $25 bathing or grooming fee.

*If sedation is required to safely clip the horse, it is the responsibility of the owner to provide and administer the medication. Unruly horses will not be clipped.

Working Student Program

We accept working students year round to help on our farm. Please email or call for more information.

Renee Phillips 250 354 8168
Or email


We are currently looking for ~ Dependable Equine Volunteer’s willing to help with coordination of upcoming events, stable care, feeding, holding for the vet and farrier, grooming, lunging and other daily barn activities! If you are interested in lending a hand send us a email :

All volunteers are eligible for a draw which will take place at a special get-together in October.

* Volunteers earn one draw ticket for each half-day worked.
* The volunteer who helps out the most will earn a series of riding lessons.
* Phillips Performance Horse wear is earned after helping out six times.
Prizes for the draw have been donated by Sponsors

For more information ~ Contact Renee 250-354-8168

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