How Much are Horseback Lessons?

Riding lessons with Renee Phillips

Certified Level 3 Riding Instructor
ish & Western and Jumping

Lessons on your own horse or leased horse
1 hour private : $45.00

Lessons on a school horse
1 hour private : $60.00
1 hour semi private or group : $55.00

Lease horse packages

1 Lesson per week + 1 extra ride per week ~ monthly cost $280.00

1 Lesson per week + 2 extra riding days ~ monthly cost $350.00

1 Lesson per week + 3 extra riding days ~ monthly cost $420.00

Tack & grooming products are included with every lease ~ Lease must be paid for in full at the 1st of every month 3 month min commitment for all lease horses.

Driving Lessons Available

Lessons on your own horse at your barn
1 hour private : $65.00

Stable management / grooming / tacking up
1 hour group lesson $25.00

Coaching at Horse Shows
$65.00 per lesson (please inquire about day rate)

Pony Lead Line
$25.00 – Pony lead line available for small children wishing to ride.
Lead line includes some hands on brushing and a 15 minute ride on a lead line.

* Discounts: $5 Sibling Discount
* 10% discount if you take 2 or more lessons per week
* Please inquire about lesson discounts

Western and English riding lessons are available for ages 5 and up. Renee offer’s a safe and positive environment to develop horsemanship skills and give our riders the skills they need to progress and advance.
We try to assess where the student’s strengths and weaknesses are and build on them. We also assess how each student best learns and incorporate visual, audible and practical practice to aid the learning process and adjust these aids according to the individual’s learning needs. Our great lesson horses are safe, reliable and are not over-worked or over-used so they remain happy and un-soured.

We welcome both competitive and pleasure riders to join us!

All riders need to have a Horse Council BC Membership, riding helmet and boots with a heel. *

Additional Show And Travel Expenses
Hauling at .45 per km ($150.00 minimum per day)
Hotel, meals and miscellaneous show costs (including: tack and/or feed stalls) will be divided equally between total number of horses and or customer horses at the show.

Lessons are paid for in one month blocks paid in advance and due at the beginning of the month and require 48 hours notice for cancellation. Any lessons that are missed with good reason may be made up at a later date.

​We encourage students boarders and their families to get actively involved in activities beyond simply attending lessons-like shows and family fun nights.

​Riding promotes fitness, sportsmanship, co-ordination, responsibility and compassion

Equine Vaulting

What is Vaulting ?

Vaulting combines gymnastics and dance on the back of a moving horse at a walk, trot, or canter. In addition to being a fun chance to work with horses, vaulting helps build confidence balance, strength & coordination. Vaulting may be an individual or team sport with up to three Vaulter’s on the Vaulting horse at one time.

Is Vaulting Safe? 

Vaulting is one of the safest equestrian sports. During the lesson the horse is controlled by an Instructor at all times. Vaulting is always done in a very controlled environment and careful attention is given to the safety of each Vaulter.

Vaulting Lesson Includes
The Vaulting lessons usually starts out with the vaulters catching, grooming and tacking up the horse with the older, more experienced vaulter helping the new ones. The vaulters then warm up and stretch while the coach warms up the horse on the circle. The vaulters enter the circle with the coach and begin taking turns training on the horse. While waiting for their turn on the horse vaulters can practice and try out new moves on the vaulting barrels that simulate the size and shape of the horse without the movement. Vaulting teaches children and adults to move in harmony with the horse, balance, flexibility, strength and team work skills, Vaulting also teaches children the basics of working with and taking care of horses, therefore making it a excellent activity for children that would like to get involved with horses. Vaulting is for ages 4 and up.

Our Vaulting Horses
The vaulting horse is the most valuable member of the team. The horse must have a very special temperament and comfortable paces. It takes at least a year to train a horse for Vaulting and then a lot of ongoing work to maintain their training and fitness. The value and respect for the horse is very much instilled in the vaulters throughout their training.

Mechanical Cutting Flag

This remote controlled Flag is a unique target-training tool consisting of a life-like cow that travels across a pen 100ft on cables.

Benefits of Working the Flag:

*The flag has infinitely adjustable speed changes to allow you to teach your horse to “rate” the cow as it speeds up and slows down. You can start slow, then gradually increase speeds and difficulty of runs, taking the pressure and fear out of it and encouraging the beginner horse. Also, training the horse to turn around properly is accelerated by starting the flag slow, then accelerating across the pen. This gives the horse an opportunity to read the flag and stay in position.

*The flag is especially beneficial for working on specific problem areas (drifting, fading, left turns, right turns, etc.) or for teaching a youngster to go with the flag, stop with the flag, wait on the flag, and turn with the flag.

*Many young horses respond well to learning their basics on the flag as it keeps things as slow as you need it to help the horse get “hooked” and speeds up only when the horse is in the right place. The flag only goes back and forth, at whatever speed you decide, at whatever distance you and your horse are comfortable at.

*This mechanical flag also is very useful for someone wanting to learn to sit a cutting horse without the added hazards of live cattle. With the mechanical Flag,  you can progress at your own comfort level. You can repeat any given move that needs work with the flag.

We are offering weekly lessons with Renee to help further your horse’s training and play time! The lesson format comes with instruction on all the basic maneuvers and levels of training techniques for $15 per horse/rider for a group session. You do not need previous experience to come out and play on the flag.

The mechanical flag is also available for private bookings of your own groups etc. Please feel free to e-mail us for more information.